Vito Willems

Vito Willems (CH/NL, 1993) is an installation artist, performer and system designer. With a background in sound, he develops hard- and software structures that translate sound into visual, tangible and spatial phenomena. Through an interplay between virtual and physical mechanisms, Willems constructs perceptual environments in which he aims on transcendence of its physical structure. Spatially placed kinetic sound sculptures, with implemented “virtualized” behaviours shapes existential phenomena and characters, relating to its ever transforming and shifting surrounding. The modification of the physical environment tends to open up new spaces concentrated on the emergence through the action and reception of the visitor. Previous installation and performance works have been showed at Sónar (Barcelona), MONOM (Berlin) and FIBER (Amsterdam).

Willems graduated in 2018 with a honours-degree at the Music & Technology faculty of the University of the Arts in Utrecht, currently he is enrolled in the Master programme ‘Sound Studies and Sonic Arts’ at the Universität der Künste (UdK) in Berlin.