Vito Willems

Selected Works

Resonance and Repetition ∞
The Charge ∞
Castle 6 ∞
Governors of the Æther ∞
Membrane Series
Sensory Shift x FIBER
Panoptic Emissions
Disruptive Silence
Open Axis
Cube of Space
Impossible Interaction

Selected Writings

| The Divinity of Art and the
Destruction of Classification

| Virtuality and the Superdynamical
| Fluid Space & Trans-Physical


⚔︎ 6ix Series ∞
⚔︎ Fragile Ecologies
⚔︎ Jaunu


⎈ Dharma Initiatives ∞

Disruptive Silence (2017)
Audiovisual Spatial Performance | Quadrophonic Sound
Collaboration with Bin Koh


19.12.2017 - Fiber x Sexyland, Amsterdam


Custom Hard- and Software, Custom Electronics, LED Strips, Wireless Microphone, Microphone Receiver, Modular Synth, MIDI-Controller, MIDI-Keyboard, Arduino Mega, Audio Mixer, Audio Interface, Speakers


Sound and signal processing in Max/MSP, Serial communication with Arduino (C/C++)


Voices wander aimlessly from space to space. Localised voices are following the signals made out of non-voice and light, modifying the meaning of its physical presence. Perhaps, the voice does not necessarily support its meaning but can be able to interrupt it. This interruption amongst voices, non-voices and light creates a symbiosis with the space.


This project began with the question: ‘what the voices in the machine does when the machine is turned off?’ A collaboration with visual artist and performer Bin Koh, starting from the conceptualisation through a written text about the power dimension between a trapped voice and the machine. With this narrative, we divided the performance into three acts. The first act starts with the training process of the voice in the machine. Then on the second act, the voice starts to react to demands by users of devices. After responding multiple demands by the machine, the exhausted voice starts to deny all the demands and be able to control the machine.