Vito Willems

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Destruction of Classification

| Virtuality and the Superdynamical
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Jaunu (2019-2020)

with Hoera.

Live Electroacoustic Spatial Performance | Octophonic Sound and Wave Field Synthesis


12.01.2020 Flagey, Brussels (BE) (8.2 Performance)
30.06.2019 Albanova Festival, Alden Biesen (BE) | (Wave Field Synthesis Performance)
17.05.2019 De Singel, Antwerp (BE) | (8.2 Performance)


Bert Cools: Electric Guitar, Synth and Samples
Dries Laheye: Bass Guitar, Bass Synth and Samples
Stijn Cools: Drums and Samples
Vito Willems: Multispeaker Surround Design and Control


Dante, MIDI-Converter-Controller, Computer, MIDI-Converter, Soundcard, Speakers (8.2, 192.8 Wave Field Synthesis)


Sound processing in Max/MSP, 4D-Engine & Monitor, WFS Collider


The trio HOERA., a project of the granvat-collective with Stijn and Bert Cools and Dries Laheye, produces music radiating intimacy and peace. With clear compositions and accurate improvisations, they create a unique sound that combines influences from electronic music, jazz, film music and pop songs. After the albums Pracht, Beestentijd and ≈, HOERA. presents the new album Jaunu for which the group collaborated with the 24-headed Lithuanian chamber choir Jauna Muzika. With their own recorded material from this chamber choir, HOERA. weaves new structures and songs.

For this project I was invited to explore the notion on space as a musical embodiment for the album Jaunu by HOERA.,, developing a custom software structure in collaboration with the software of 4DSOUND for the conductment of a realtime choreography at any given live performance situation. Besides the varibility of adaptation for a wide range of louspeakers, a custom version for the Game of Life, a 192-channel Wave Field Synthesis system in the Hague running on WFS-Collider has been developed. The environment functions herein as an instrument that explores the depth of the space combined with the textures and qualities of the live generated material.

Albanova Festival, Alden Biesen (BE) | Wave Field Synthesis System 'The Game of Life"

Documentation De Singel, Antwerp (BE) | Video by de Singel Art Campus | Fotos by Emilija Vinžanovaitė