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Noema (2018)
Interactive Audiovisual Spatial Installation | Octophonic Sound


13.06.2018 - 15.06.2018 Sónar+D, Barcelona (ES)


Author, Sound and System Design - Vito Willems
Product Design - Joost Dankelman
Visual Assistance - Jim Brady


Custom Electronics, Custom Hard- and Software, Custom Mechanics, Custom Designed Kinetic Objects, Custom Hang System, Arduinos, DC-Motors, Motor Shields, Custom LED-Objects, Audio Interface, Audio Mixer, Directional Speakers, Bloomline Omniwave Speakers, Mono Amplifier, Tracking System, Custom Wireless Tag Holder, Computer


Sound and Signal Processing in Max/MSP, Serial communication with Arduino,
Light and Motor structure in C/C++, 4D Monitor


The word ‘Noema’ comes from the Greek word νόημα (noéma) and embodies “the appearance of an object or item as the perceiving subject apprehends it”. This dualism constitutes a deeper dimension that becomes vivid in this interactive work. First it contains the reception of the item, in the installations case the apprehension of the kinetic object. Secondly it inevitably creates an action that the visitor is giving back to the system. This is a recursive process that is fundamental to the evolvement of the installation.


‘Noema’ is interactive installation presented in a large darkened enclosed space. The installation contains a deconstruction of the physical space by kinetic light objects and spatial sound. By applying advanced technologies for abstracting the space an innovative experience, focused on the individuated reception of the visitor, is generated. In the work the individuated participant becomes the performer within his own imagination. The installation contains a tracking-system that analyses the position of the visitor and implies a non-linear experiential structure whose time and events depend on the relationship the viewer has with the system. The constant link between the viewer’s behaviour and the system generates a composed environment that represents the space in an unique way.


1. Through the stimuli of sensory life focus is directed in all directions. In this state we have no control to give shape to our reality. One desire after the other is tried to be fulfilled and thereby a focus on a deeper desire for unity and harmony gets lost.

In the first instance the urge for unity and harmony tries to project itself on the impulses. This is an illusion, through this projection the totality dissolves. This state is a materialised image of the infinite pattern we are in. A reflection on the duality in which the desire can not be fulfilled is necessary to experience singularity.

2. By consciously letting go the sensory desires, a transformation takes place towards the experience of unity. The focus on the individual impulses shifts into a focus on totality.

3. Identification with ego and personality is in contrast with everything that is. The deeper desire is fulfilled and dissolves, as it were, in the all-encompassing.