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Resonance and Repetition (2021) ∞
Public Intervention | Ceremony


26.02.2021 - 52°30'37.8"N 13°22'07.7”E - Berlin (DE)


Initiation Herbs, Knife, Voice


Author and Ceremony by in.finit
Sonic Capturing by Wei Kang Beh & Shun Momose
Third Eye by Christian Thomsen (fjørsk)
Curation by Martyna Poznańska

An experiment questioning the transformative qualities of resonance and repetition (♲) within a recursive model between site and explorer. A ceremonial happening that subtract and augments synchronistic behaviour between sculpture, mediated by Richard Serra, environment and a choreography of energetic responses. The act of resonance is one of the methodologies, in search of feedback between subjects, applying force without strength, aiming to hit the natural frequency on which the site acts, a conversation unfolds. This is a phase of harmony, the share of energies between body and spirit (✳︎), potentially opening a gateway that reveals the site’s unknown qualities. The other examined methodology is repetition. As a opposing instance, a mechanization between re- and decomposition, an agency comes into existence by its destruction, the foundation of matter. With the use of a knife, symbolizing sacrifice and liberty, an energetic entropy emerges enacted by the fundamental shapes and structures of nature, spirals (꩜), waves (~) and ouroboros (∞) patterns. Its repeating quality, fluctuating, beating, accelerating, delaying, questioning temporal stabilities, ready for death and new beginnings, the paradox of Nature, a fall outside the temporal continuum, the infinite.*

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