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Contra Marītō
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Castle 6
Governors of the Æther
Membrane Series
Panoptic Emissions
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Impossible Interaction


| The Divinity of Art and the
Destruction of Classification

| Virtuality and the Superdynamical
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Passage One (Commerce)
Fragile Ecologies
Sensory Shift x FIBER
Disruptive Silence

Time Vacuum II (2021)
Transpersonal Engine and Interactive Sculpture | Pentaphonic Sound


03.08.2019 OIIOIOOI - Torhaus, Stadt Wehlen (DE)


Custom Electronics, Custom Hard- and Software, Found Objects,
Custom Designed Speakers (5)*, Modular Engine, Arduino, Motion Sensor, Omnidirectional Microphone, Audio Interface, Computer


Sound and Signal Processing in Max/MSP
Serial communication with Arduino


As an iteration of previous framework, Time Vacuum II contains a time-capsule (ꇻ) that collects and recalls memory and thought into a variety of spatially dispersed sonic fragments, recovered agencies, sculpting a collective brain. A mutation of the ghost in the machine, spiraling into a variety of transformative processes: modifying temporal elasticities, regrading resolutions: a multiverse (ᛤ) of co-existing “virtual traces” emerges; the conglomeration of generative past, activating now and constructive future. By absorbing and projecting back these agencies simultaneously, as well as deconstructing and reproducing the environment recursively, the process transcends. The material seems to traverse a variety of mediatic intentions as collective alteration of transcension. A memory system to be relived, a constellation out of "forsched" material, all brought by passengers along.